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Proof of Authority Consensus
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Advisory, Training and Software Tools
Fast Proof of Concepts
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Grant Thornton's Blockchain as a Service is a ready to use infrastructure and toolset to develop, test and deploy distributed applications. We provide a complete range of services, from advisory to software development, that will make your Blockchain project to be a successful one. We build the bridge between innovative technology and successful businesses, because we strongly believe that Blockchain is the engine of the worldwide business evolution. 

Business Blockchain Infrastructure

Hosted in the most secured and trusted data centers. Resilient, fast, secure, scalable and energy efficient. 

Fast Proof of Concepts 

We lead blockchain projects to demonstrate cost reduction, business model innovation and process acceleration. 

Unique combination of services

Our business services and technical expertise ensure you that we can manage to deliver a complete turn-key solution. 

Multi-disciplinary team

Our relevant background in Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Innovation will provide you a complete rollout of your project.


Network Monitor

Check the health of the network. View the uptime and the contribution of every member in the network. 


Block Explorer

Discover and analyze every block created. See the content of every trasaction and verify how transparent they are.


Software Development Kit

Dedicated SDK to develop, test, and deploy your own project. Start coding and explore the potential of a distributed application. 

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Our Cloud Services Providers:


IBM Cloud, Frankfurt Data Center, Germany


Grant Thornton Technology HUB, Luxembourg


Synotech Data Center, Bucharest


Contabo Data Center, Munich , Germany

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